New Arrivals

Life's a ball for this rolling rodent.

The Knowledge
A little knowledge can be dangerous. Be dangerous!

Go! Football
Kick it up for a cup!

Ape King Free Kick
Don't monkey around! You're expected to score, but it won't be easy.

Villa Crossbar Challenge
Aim for the crossbar or Villans from seasons past. Try not to kick too many field goals.

Gnarf Soccer
Gnarfs sure can pack a wallop.

A game worthy of the name. Definitely, not a walk in the park.

Election Keepy Up
Keep your candidate up and out of harm's way.

SoccoFobia 3.0
Bigger pitch. Better control.

Ronaldo 2 Real
Cristiano Ronaldo needs some help getting out of bed after his ankle surgery.

Foosball Gold
It's you versus the computer on a very fast table. First to three takes it.

Chicken Kicken
Don't be a chicken! Play it!

Suburban Goalie
Show off your goal-keeping skills.

You'll need both skill and luck to get the ball between the posts.

These footballers look a bit like the Michelin Man. A very unusual game of footy.

Mlatachi Versus Shusteri
Here's a two player game of foosball for you to enjoy with a friend.

Segolene Versus Sarkozy
We all know how this one turned out, but here's Sego doing her best Zizou impression, anyway.

The Soccer Challenge
Ball control will help you snag those bonuses.

Euro 2008 Headers
Two teams. One net. Get over it!

Save Hiddink
Help Yoo Sang Chul rescue Guus Hiddink from George Bush? Things get hectic after level one.

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