New Arrivals

Football Connections
Line up three or more footballs (or heads) for a chain reaction.

Dress David Beckham
Mix and match the various parts of Beckham's kit.

Off the Head
On the 'ead, son! Beat the computer as fast as you can.

Webgekko's Tablesoccer
Looks great and plays well on grass, sand or ice.

Knock the silhouettes down for extra points.

Crazy Ball
Use your paddle to hit the ball past defenders.

The seconds count. Keep the ball in the air for as long as you can.

Obstruction! Euro Cup 2008
Euro 2008 not turn out as you had hoped? Well, here's your chance at a different outcome.

Basket Pass
Make your way up the pitch, passing the ball from one basket to the next.

Ball Throw
A good keeper can throw the ball past the center line (150ft). Let's see what you can do.

Goal 2 - Living the Dream
Score your way to the big leagues and live the dream.

SoccoFobia 2.0
Collect letters to spell the names of popular footballers. Avoid the balls!

The Champions 2 Euro 08
Will your team be the pride of Europe?

ZDF Torwand Online
New and improved with 9 live action characters to choose from.

Salir Pitando Stadium Rush
The match won't start without the referee. Find your cleats, whistle, ball, etc. (Read instructions.)

Ball Champion
It shouldn't be too hard to rack up a good score in this one. The ball has a nice weight to it.

Headers game with multiple balls!

Football Fool
You're the referee. Fend off attackers with red cards or get out of the way.

The Showdown
It's Chelsea versus Manchester. Who will triumph? You decide! (World-wide stats at the end.)

Yoo Sang Chul Upgrade
Help the former captain of Korea's national team miss the net. Yup, you read that right.

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