New Arrivals

Scooby-Doo! Kickin' It
Rooby's ruper rocker! Juggling fun with a surprise or two.

2006 Peace Queen Cup Korea
Take free kicks on behalf of Korea at the first Peace Queen Cup for women's teams.

Turbo Football Heavy Metal Spirit
It's a motorcycle race that takes place on the footy field. Very surreal.

FIFA 06 Mini Game
Head back to the pitch for some international free kick fun.

Shoot 'em In!
Mini free kick game with guest play. Keep an eye on wind direction.

Get in Goal
Kick from a fixed position as the net moves from side to side.

Freestyle Soccer
Around the world in 80 plays... Circle the ball with your boot for points, while keeping it up.

Novel Soccer
Lots of slide tackles... Use passing to your advantage.

Soccer Field
How far can you kick it? A well placed shot gets helped along by springs and rocket chutes.

Subbuteo Flick About Challenge
Free kicks with flick physics.

Football Mania (Voetbal Manie)
Football mania with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

3 on 1
Three on one should be easy right? Well, the defender knows how to pour on the pressure.

Boot Breakout
Knock the plates off of the pitch. Breakout style gameplay with multiple balls.

Link up similarly colored soccer balls to make them disappear.

It's a cross between footy, sumo, curling and a bad wedgie.

Free Kick Expert
The wall gets more and more populated... Get points faster by hitting the bonus target.

Nibelune's Keep Ups
Realistic physics... Dive for a bad bounce and you should recover.

The Penalty Challenge
The real challenge here is delivering consistent kicks to the top corners.

The Champions 07
Here's your chance to repeat history or rewrite it... Liverpool versus AC Milan.

Kick It!
Kick some butt! But what?

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