New Arrivals

Street Football
There's no calling time-out in traffic!

Bicycle Kick Champ
You can be the bicycle kick champ.

Love Football
For the love of fashion and football.

Bouncing Head Ball
Bounce the ball on your head.

Ronaldo's Valentine's Day Exhibition
Lots of love for Ronaldo, but none for the guy in the heart costume.

Dress Up David Beckham
David is out and about in an outfit chosen by you!

Dress Up Victoria Beckham
Help Victoria select a stunning streetwise ensemble.

Victoria Beckham Dress Up
Victoria looks cool on the catwalk and stylish on stage.

Football Fan
Styling on the sidelines.

Soccer Swapper
Swap jerseys at the end of the match? It's more fun to swap tiles!

4x4 Football
Protect your nets!

Paul the Octopus
How long can Paul survive against submarine strikes and an onslaught of orcas?

Challenge of the Soccer Players
Get the members of each team to switch sides.

Physics Cup 2
More football physics fun.

Soccer Girl Dress Up
Live the dream and dress up for your favourite team.

Picture Penalty 2
More fast and furious finder fun! Spot the differences.

4Football Soccer
Your two against the computer's two...

Go the distance with help from some soon-to-be familiar faces.

Goal Keeper
Sam wants to be a great keeper but he needs your help.

Keep Ups King
Flux-filled freestyle from Club Galactik.

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