New Arrivals

Stadium Escape
Escape from the football stadium.

Zombie Soccer - Version 2.0
You can't keep a good zombie down.

Italy Fan Dressup
Forza Azzurri!

Ghana Fan Dressup
The Black Stars fans are Ghana dress for success.

Arcade Volley
Carefully placed kicks will reward you with power-ups.

German Soccer Tricks
Up, up and around!

Football Girl Dressup
Two, four, six, eight... Help your team do really great!

World Cup Adorable Cheerleader
Grab your game garb and go!

Football Word Search
Find words associated with football.

Line Bounder
Make your way to the goal area by outsmarting the computer.

Brazil Fan Dressup
An astounding selection of dresses and tresses.

Argentina Fan Dressup
Alluring accessories for ardent Argentinians.

Cheer the Champs
Winners always wear it well.

Final Chore
Clean up around the house and you just might be allowed to watch the game.

Football Fans
Face paint, flags, jerseys and more. Go all out for your favourite team.

World Cup Soccer Training
Keep the ball out of the lava!

FIFA Cup Hidden Footballs
Find the hidden footballs!

World Cup Juggle
Prove your country is the best!

German Fan Dressup
The third best dressup game in the world.

Uruguay Fan Dressup
Fashion fun for the true blue fan.

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