Footy Food Fight
Attack the other team with burgers, pizza or chocolate cake.

Free Kick Headers
Angle your kick to connect with unmarked teammates.

Get in Goal
Kick from a fixed position as the net moves from side to side.

Go Go Go Vuvuzela
Your team is losing the World Cup. Vuvuzela to the rescue!

Goal Rush
Use your timing to dribble past defenders for a chance to challenge the keeper.

Goalie Master
Survive a 30 second onslaught of attempts on goal. Become the goalie master.

Hope you can tell the difference between a ball and a brick.

Goalkeeper Challenge
Dive for it or stand your ground. Stop as many shots as you can.

Grav Ball
20 challenging levels... Bet you can't play just one. Very addictive.

Hand of Henry
The referee can't call what he doesn't see!

Handball Henry
Help Thierry Henry heap on the handball goals.

Head of God
Zindadil? Zinedine? Close enough... Rake in the red cards with your headbutting skills.

Kaz Bomber Ball
Mascot madness from 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan.

Kick the Ref
The ref takes a turn in goal... Oops!

Score goals by drawing accurate zigs, zags and squiggles.

Kitty the Shooter
Kitty takes on a slew of rabid rabbits. (Okay, maybe they aren't rabid.)

Lazy Goat and Big Big Wolf's Soccer War
Who's afraid of the big big wolf?

Line Bounder
Make your way to the goal area by outsmarting the computer.

Lionel Messi Nightmare 2
What do Twilight, Jaws and Harry Potter all have in common? You're about to find out!

Lionel Messi Puzzle
Turn Messi's world upside down to reach the goal.

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