Physics Cup 3
Point and click to kick has returned!

Explosive platforms propel your ball (Telstar or Questra) onward and upward.

Life's a ball for this rolling rodent.

When the line moves, you move or get knocked down.

Ragdoll Goalkeeper
Fling yourself about for a clean sheet.

Referee Romance
See if you can kiss without getting caught!

Rockin' Soccer
Try not to get fouled while collecting old vinyl records scattered around the pitch.

Rollball - The Ultimate Sportpack
Get from start to finish without falling off the edge.

Rooney on the Rampage
Rooney rips a page out of Zidane's playbook.

Salir Pitando Stadium Rush
The match won't start without the referee. Find your cleats, whistle, ball, etc. (Read instructions.)

Save Hiddink
Help Yoo Sang Chul rescue Guus Hiddink from George Bush? Things get hectic after level one.

Save the Foot
Here's an old-school platform game for ya.

Segolene Versus Sarkozy
We all know how this one turned out, but here's Sego doing her best Zizou impression, anyway.

Shoot the Player
The human cannon ball meets soccer ball.

Shoot the Player 2
The ragdoll ball blaster is back for another shot.

Sideline Soccer
Keep the meerkats away from your food. A Football Hero mini game.

Skyline Soccer
The sky's the limit for power passes. A Football Hero mini game.

Slapathon - Ronaldo Versus Messi
Six shots at slapping them silly. Ouch!

Smart Soccer
Rely on your smarts and skills to keep the ball out of the goal.

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