The Football League Jumper
Jump out of your slump to the top of the football league.

The Hand of Thierry Henry
Witness the defender's dismay at Henry's delinquency.

The Premiership Snowball Challenge
Send your own seasonal message to the seven wise men.

The Showdown
It's Chelsea versus Manchester. Who will triumph? You decide! (World-wide stats at the end.)

The Vuvuzela Game
Head's will roll!

Thierry Henry's Sleight of Hand
Thierry Henry's paw pats put them between the posts.

Turbo Football Heavy Metal Spirit
It's a motorcycle race that takes place on the footy field. Very surreal.

It's a cross between footy, sumo, curling and a bad wedgie.

Victoria and Beckham Kissing
Posh and Becks savour sneaky smooches in front of the press, on the pitch and elsewhere.

Villa Crossbar Challenge
Aim for the crossbar or Villans from seasons past. Try not to kick too many field goals.

War for the Ball
Protect the game ball from enemy tanks.

Waterball will buoy your spirits!

Web Cam Penalty Kicks
Experience the thrill of standing in goal.

Who'll Win all the Pies
Strive and dive to keep the balls out of the net during the countdown!

World Cup Breakout 2010
Bust through the offence for your chance at the keeper.

Nice isometric action game.

Xavi Hernandez Nightmare
Leave the slithering snake quivering in your wake.

Yo! Yo! Yo! This is a Beatdown!
It's Barcelona versus Real Madrid... A single player versus a squad?!?!

Yoo Sang Chul Upgrade
Help the former captain of Korea's national team miss the net. Yup, you read that right.

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