African Nations Cup Penalty Shootout
Go up against skilled keepers with nerves of steel.

Air Balls
Soccer balls, tennis balls, golf balls, etc. Keep them in the air.

Ajax Jonge Schare
Set up your shot before the timer runs out. Nice effect.

Amazing Soccer
Save players, avoid enemies and get to the net!

Andres Iniesta
The 2010 World Cup final's man of the match gets a makeover.

Android Soccer
Make your way through the ranks for the ultimate showdown!

Cute characters in this one and nicely animated. Two-player mode is included.

Ape King Free Kick
Don't monkey around! You're expected to score, but it won't be easy.

Arcade Soccer Pro 2003
Miniature squads deliver super-sized action!

Arcade Volley
Carefully placed kicks will reward you with power-ups.

Arco Ball
One plus two on three.

Argentina Fan Dressup
Alluring accessories for ardent Argentinians.

Argentina Shootout
Show your support for Argentina over Brazil. Make Maradona proud.

Back in Play
Never underestimate the usefulness of a good throw-in!

Backstreet Soccer
Old school arcade action!

Ball Blitz
It's a blitz on the pitch! Bounce or be bounced!

Ball Boy
Flying vuvuzelas... Ouch! Watch your head.

Ball Champion
It shouldn't be too hard to rack up a good score in this one. The ball has a nice weight to it.

Ball Champion 2 - Road to South Africa 2010
Master the Jabulani and they will call you champion.

Ball Lifting
Truly, an original flash game in the ball juggling genre.

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