Frantic Footy
Five-a-side has never been so frantic.

Free Fight World Cup
It's soccer with the added excitement of a walk-and-punch game. Lots of fun!

Free Kick
Own the angles with killer curves!

Free Kick Duel
Bend it like you belong here!

Free Kick Expert
The wall gets more and more populated... Get points faster by hitting the bonus target.

Free Kick Headers
Angle your kick to connect with unmarked teammates.

Free Kick Madness
Use the wind to your advantage as you take on an increasing number of defenders.

Free-Kick Fever
A fast-paced, fully-rendered freekick simulation.

Freekick Challenge
Lots of silly antics between kicks.

Freekick Fusion
Prepare for some close shaves while trying to score.

Freekick Mania
The English character with the "B" on his chest looks like Becks to me.

Freestyle Soccer
Around the world in 80 plays... Circle the ball with your boot for points, while keeping it up.

Freestyle Soccer
Bump the ball with your boot!

Hit the hubcaps for points.

Frogs Football (Jabba Ball)
You score when the keeper eats the ball!

Fruity Footy Fever
Splat! If you don't score someone's going to get messy.

Maradona and more... Fancy footwork from famous footballers.

Fundif Football
What's wrong with this picture? Find the differences in this 10 MB game.

Futebol Penalti
In "Football Penalty" you aim for the hotspots with enough power to beat the keeper.

Garfield 2
Yes, it's a game of cat and mouse. Help Garfield kick it around the globe.

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