Kick Off!
Will you be cut short by foes or go farther with help from football heroes?

Kick the Ref
The ref takes a turn in goal... Oops!

Kick Up
Put yourself into the game with your web camera.

Kick Ups
Pass each challenge to move on or play for a high score.

Knock the silhouettes down for extra points.

Whenever I play an auto-hit juggler, I spend a lot of time looking for a wall-bounce cheat.

Score goals by drawing accurate zigs, zags and squiggles.

King of Defenders
John Terry has left the building... Three tries to head it in per level.

Kitty the Shooter
Kitty takes on a slew of rabid rabbits. (Okay, maybe they aren't rabid.)

Knock Out Brazil
Hit targets made to resemble Brazilian players.

Korean Juggle
The orange guy follows your hits and makes some odd noises.

Kung Fu Soccer
Going, going, gone!

Lazy Goat and Big Big Wolf's Soccer War
Who's afraid of the big big wolf?

Le Vestiaire de Tchico
Help Tchico find his kit. Finally, a memory game worth playing.

Legends Penalty Shootout
Choose your legendary striker and goalkeeper match-ups as you progress from round to round.

Line Bounder
Make your way to the goal area by outsmarting the computer.

Lionel Messi
All of Messi's looks make for a quick walk down memory lane.

Lionel Messi - Find the Numbers
Lionel Messi is number one... to twenty! Some cleverly hidden numerals.

Lionel Messi Nightmare 2
What do Twilight, Jaws and Harry Potter all have in common? You're about to find out!

Lionel Messi Puzzle
Turn Messi's world upside down to reach the goal.

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