Midfield Master
Don't be selfish. Pass the ball!

Mini Ball
First installment of the Mini Ball franchise. Good foosball.

Mini ball (Cave Men)
Gimme da rock! More foosball play.

Mini Ball 2
Newer, sleeker Mini Ball. More foosball action with the addition of power kicks.

Mini Soccer
Action from bottom to top with lots of room to maneuver.

Mlatachi Versus Shusteri
Here's a two player game of foosball for you to enjoy with a friend.

Monkey Child's Monkey Keepy-Ups
You can juggle a soccer ball, but can you juggle a monkey?

Monkey Kick Off
How far can you kick it? With the monkey's help and some good timing...

Monotriangular Championship 2009
It's one on one on one... This version works!

Monsters of the Ball
It was a one-eyed flying purple penalty keeper...

Quick, someone give Bullwinkle the ball!

Motodefi 2
Player customization and ball juggling based on proper body alignment.

My Soccer Kid
Build your own Soccer Kid avatar.

Mystery Soccer
Find the right path to goal!

Nadler Salad Kicker
Multiple rounds based on foosball. Who said that you shouldn't play with your food?

Netball Game
Battle the elements to get the ball into the bucket.

Netherlands Fan Dressup
Has Zakumi picked his favourite for the win?

Netherlands Free Kick
Do your best against the German defenders.

New Star Soccer
Put aside your doubts, impress the scouts, and live the dream.

New Star Soccer Trials
Impress the coach by completing the training challenges.

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