Nibelune's Keep Ups
Realistic physics... Dive for a bad bounce and you should recover.

Novel Soccer
Lots of slide tackles... Use passing to your advantage.

Obstruction! Euro Cup 2008
Euro 2008 not turn out as you had hoped? Well, here's your chance at a different outcome.

Octopus Goalkeeper
Prepare to bear arms... All eight of them! It's time to sink or swim and this octopus pulls no punches!

Octopus Paul
Ask football's favourite fortune-teller a question.

Off the Head
On the 'ead, son! Beat the computer as fast as you can.

Office Olympics Free Kick
Office workers band together to keep you from scoring.

Offside 2002
Deal with the officials before they call offside.

On the Volley
This ball's got your name on it. Let's see what you can do.

Overhead Kick Champion
Put away the training wheels and show off your bicycle kicks.

Paraguay Fan Dressup
Pair of shoes. Pair of shorts. Paraguay!

Pass and Move Football Training
How long can your squad keep possession in this pass and move training session?

Paul Octopus - The Love Predictor
The psychic soccer cephalopod will help you find true love.

Paul the Octopus
Paul can pick a World Cup winner, but can he read your mind?

Paul the Octopus
Can you pick them like Paul? Find out!

Paul the Octopus
How long can Paul survive against submarine strikes and an onslaught of orcas?

PB Freekick
Pick your favourite league and team.

Penalty 10
Best of 10 for the win!

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