Qi Juggle
This one is pretty straight-forward. It's all about the air-time.

Quema El Balon
Zinedine Zidane on the receiving end of multiple volleys. Help him score.

When the line moves, you move or get knocked down.

Ragdoll Goalkeeper
Fling yourself about for a clean sheet.

Real Foosball
Prepare yourself for the push and pull of Premier League play.

Real Madrid Penalty Shootout
Buy players and train them for live match-ups!

Real Soccer
Something new in the match sim universe. Is it for real? Find out!

Really Bend it Like Beckham
Play without signing in!

Referee Romance
See if you can kiss without getting caught!

Robot Soccer
Two bots enter... One bot leaves a winner.

Roby Baggio Magical Kicks
Engaging free kick simulation.

Rockin' Soccer
Try not to get fouled while collecting old vinyl records scattered around the pitch.

Rollball - The Ultimate Sportpack
Get from start to finish without falling off the edge.

Ronaldinho Paper Doll
Ronaldinho needs a new wardrobe. Help him out.

Ronaldinho World
Brazilian footballer on the receiving end of some good volleys.

Ronaldo 2 Real
Cristiano Ronaldo needs some help getting out of bed after his ankle surgery.

Ronaldo V-Football
Pass each shootout level on your path to victory.

Ronaldo's Valentine's Day Exhibition
Lots of love for Ronaldo, but none for the guy in the heart costume.

Rooney on the Rampage
Rooney rips a page out of Zidane's playbook.

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