Salir Pitando
30 seconds can seem like an eternity or like 1 second 30 times. Heh, it's a shootout.

Salir Pitando Stadium Rush
The match won't start without the referee. Find your cleats, whistle, ball, etc. (Read instructions.)

Sant's Penalty Kick World Cup
Kick for control of the North Pole.

Santa Goal
Father Christmas gets his kicks!

Santa's Footy Challenge
Here comes Santa Claus!

Sarah Loves Football
Sarah stops play and the stadium goes wild!

Save Hiddink
Help Yoo Sang Chul rescue Guus Hiddink from George Bush? Things get hectic after level one.

Save the Foot
Here's an old-school platform game for ya.

Scooby-Doo! Kickin' It
Rooby's ruper rocker! Juggling fun with a surprise or two.

Score for Bristol
Back Bristol's bid to become the host of 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Season in the Sun
Spot the differences and more!

Segolene Versus Sarkozy
We all know how this one turned out, but here's Sego doing her best Zizou impression, anyway.

Sensible Soccer Kick Up World Cup
Here's the twist... When the net appears, try to score!

She's the Man Shootout Game
Two words... Ninja Goalie! Play as Viola or Duke and put that Justin in his place.

Shoot 'em In!
Mini free kick game with guest play. Keep an eye on wind direction.

Shoot the Player
The human cannon ball meets soccer ball.

Shoot the Player 2
The ragdoll ball blaster is back for another shot.

Show Racism the Red Card Quiz
The campaign against racism in football and society.

Sidekick 2007
Panning full-field football with international teams.

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