Sideline Soccer
Keep the meerkats away from your food. A Football Hero mini game.

Simple Soccer
Challenge the world on your way to victory!

Simple Soccer Championship
Simple mechanics and engaging gameplay.

Skill Zone
Kick the ball into various target areas in as few attempts as possible.

Skyline Soccer
The sky's the limit for power passes. A Football Hero mini game.

Slapathon - Ronaldo Versus Messi
Six shots at slapping them silly. Ouch!

Slapshot Soccer
You've got 90 seconds to get as many goals as you can. Now with high scores!

Smart Soccer
Rely on your smarts and skills to keep the ball out of the goal.

Smash Vuvuzelas
Take out your frustrations on those pesky vuvuzelas.

Smashed Glass
Break as many windows as you can with well-aimed kicks.

The seconds count. Keep the ball in the air for as long as you can.

Soccer 2010 Memory
Match the jerseys as quickly as you can.

Soccer Ball
A series of successful free kicks should see you to the tournament trophy.

Soccer Balls
Get the referee angry enough to blow his top!

Soccer Balls 2
More puzzle-oriented goal scoring.

Soccer Blocker
Paddles versus players! It's epic pinball pandemonium!

Soccer Boy
Help Soccer Boy juggle the soccer balls into the bin.

Soccer Bug
Footy fever makes its way to the insect world.

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