Soccer Challenge
This showdown is your chance to show them what you've got.

Soccer Challenge - World Cup Edition 2010
Test your World Cup knowlege!

Soccer Dribble
Get extra points for close saves and style.

Soccer Field
How far can you kick it? A well placed shot gets helped along by springs and rocket chutes.

Soccer FIFA 2010 World Cup
Let a penalty shootout decide the winner!

Soccer Folks
Step right up folks!

Soccer Free Kicks
Red versus blue penalty shootout.

Soccer Girl Dress Up
Live the dream and dress up for your favourite team.

Soccer Girls Dressup
Use your style sense to outfit the squad.

Soccer Hero
Avoid the tires and get the ball into the net.

Soccer Jump
Avoid the obstacles and increase your star power!

Soccer Kid
This kid keeps changing his kit for kicks.

Soccer Kissing
Power your player's penalties with passionate pecks.

Soccer Pinball
You were born to be a Bally table ball hog.

Soccer Power Shot
Kick the ball as far down the sidewalk as you can.

Soccer Referee
Red card? Green card? It's up to you! Mix and match colours.

Soccer Room Escape
Can you manage to join your team on the pitch in time for the match?

Soccer Sensation
Kick... Tackle... Dribble... Score!

Soccer Shootout
Make your way up the pitch and try to score.

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