Sporty Referee
Be the best dressed referee in the league.

Sporty Soccer Fashion
You can play the field in your football fashions.

Squid Ball Soccer
Smiling squids try to stop your shots!

Stadium Escape
Escape from the football stadium.

Stan James Original Free Kick Challenge
Take penalties within the ambience of a bygone era.

Stop that Vuvuzela
Vent your rage on the vuvuzelas!

Stop the Vuvuzelas
Vivi is vexed by the vuvuzelas.

Strafstoss Duel
Alternate between kicking them in and keeping them out.

Street Football
There's no calling time-out in traffic!

Street Soccer Champ
Take your shot at becoming top scorer!

Streets' Frozen Treat Footy
Hehe, the striker has a tasty left foot!

Striker Run
Can you get past the entire opposition and beat the keeper?

Subbuteo Flick About Challenge
Free kicks with flick physics.

Suburban Goalie
Show off your goal-keeping skills.

Super Brutal Soccer
The game is rough-and-tumble, but your team is tough and ready to rumble.

Super Headers
Keep multiple balls in the air until you can head them into the net.

Super Kicks!
Juggling game with a neat panning background.

Super Mario Strikers
It's Super Mario with an attitude! Keep the ball up and try for some targets.

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