Super Soccer Star
A penalty shootout starring you!

Super Soccerball
Keep the ball up and interact with background elements.

Switching Goals (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen)
Your shot determines which video you see.

You'll need both skill and luck to get the ball between the posts.

Table Doofball
Doof revisits one of the more popular foosball formats.

Table Soccer
Animated foosball simulation.

Tactical Game Soccer
Tactics, strategy and a bit of luck...

Target Challenge
Display your deftness in a 3D target arena.

Tele's Shoot-Out
Pick your spot and take your shot. Try to save a few, as well.

The Adventures of Marcelo Bielsa
Biesla's platform deserves your vote!

The Bouncing King
The most technical game of keepy ups to date.

The Champions 07
Here's your chance to repeat history or rewrite it... Liverpool versus AC Milan.

The Champions 2 Euro 08
Will your team be the pride of Europe?

The Champions 3D
Another dimension has been added to one of the Web's most popular footy sims.

The Football Jerseys
Test your knowlede of football jerseys and a few other things. You've got a minute to win it!

The Football League Jumper
Jump out of your slump to the top of the football league.

The Football Quiz
Test your knowledge of the beautiful game.

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