Webgekko's Tablesoccer
Looks great and plays well on grass, sand or ice.

Who'll Win all the Pies
Strive and dive to keep the balls out of the net during the countdown!

WM Finale
Play this exhibition like you're on a mission. The fuse has been lit.

Women's World Cup Football
It's a World Cup of wardrobe.

World Class Keep Ups
Travel to South Africa and take on the world with your soccer juggling skills.

World Cup 2010
A World Cup victory would make your country proud!

World Cup 2010
Three levels of battling bottle caps.

World Cup 2010 - Memory Cards Game
Match cards in as few moves as possible.

World Cup 2010 Dress Up
Lea, Lilou and Lee are dressing up for the cup.

World Cup 2010 Hunter
Find the differences.

World Cup Adorable Cheerleader
Grab your game garb and go!

World Cup Breakout 2010
Bust through the offence for your chance at the keeper.

World Cup Dress Up
Mix and match with the most popular World Cup kits.

World Cup Football Quiz
Try to recall those memorable World Cup moments.

World Cup Glory
This could be a console game.

World Cup Glory
It's not too early to celebrate a World Cup win.

World Cup Juggle
Prove your country is the best!

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