Crazy Keepups
This game is aptly named. Lots of crazy juggling modes to keep you interested.

Cristiano Ronaldo Dressup
Portugal's pret-a-porter prince.

Cristiano Ronaldo Makeover
Look who's ready to showboat in his sportcoat.

Crossbar Challenge
Hit the ball off the crossbar as many times as possible!

Crossing Cup
Complete control of the corner is yours. Take it and receive it or stop it, in turn.

Crystal Ball Paul
For those who can't get enough of Paul's predictions.

Football fashion with David.

David Beckham Academy
Shoot it! Keep it up! Stop it! Three quality games.

David Villa Nightmare
Molten lava and hostile cave dwellers... David, wake up!

Disc Soccer
The keepers look a bit like the Kool-Aid man.

Disembodied Leg
Use your leg to keep the ball in the air. Well, that's the intention...

Do Mano a Mano
Tchico and the man are back with a shell game of sorts. Now you see it. Now you don't!

Doubles Football
Two fierce competitors battle it out in a soccer cage.

Dress David Beckham
Mix and match the various parts of Beckham's kit.

Dress My Football Shoes
You can shine at shoe design.

Dress Up David Beckham
David is out and about in an outfit chosen by you!

Dress Up Victoria Beckham
Help Victoria select a stunning streetwise ensemble.

Dress-Up Kaka
Fun with the latest footballer turned fashionista.

DTZ World Cup Keepy Ups
Take the red pill and pull off some Matrix moves.

Elastic Soccer
Precision table play with smooth goal-keeper control.

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