Election Keepy Up
Keep your candidate up and out of harm's way.

Elite Soccer
Avoid the tackles and test the keeper!

Emirates FIFA World Cup Shoot-Out 06
Slick shootout with smoking ball and dramatic depth of field transitions.

Emo Soccer
Don't cry! It's just a game.

England Fan Dressup
Everyone's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed fan.

England Supporter
Spin this fellow round and round.

Escape 2 Victory
Fast-paced football simulation viewed from above.

Euro 2000 Penalty Shootout
Take penalties against Tele.

Euro 2004
Foosball style gameplay... Flaming ball appears after multiple touches.

Euro 2008 Headers
Two teams. One net. Get over it!

Euro 2012 Football Typing
Believe the hype! If you want to score you have to type.

Euro Championship 2012 Football Manager
You're the national team's coach. Bring home the victory!

Evo Morales Kicking
This is why you don't play football with the president of Bolivia.

Extreme Kick
Give the referee a boot for giving you the boot.

F5 Speedball Challenge
Who's up for some office footy?

Go the distance with help from some soon-to-be familiar faces.

Family Football
Get the balls into the bin. Fun for the whole family!

Fantastic Football
Exert some influence over your teams tactics.

Fantasy Footbal
Find the differences.

FG Free Kick
Ten kicks from various positions.

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