FG Multiplayer Elfmeter
Live penalty match-ups aplenty. Nothing to do with elves...

FIFA 06 Mini Game
Head back to the pitch for some international free kick fun.

FIFA 10 - Slider Puzzle
Sliding tackles or sliding tiles? You'll know soon enough.

FIFA Cup Hidden Footballs
Find the hidden footballs!

FIFA Matching Match It!
Match the icons and clear the board.

FIFA World Cup Match It
A mahjong tile matching game.

Fighting Free Kick
Cute but challenging. You'll have to work your way up to the higher levels.

Final Chore
Clean up around the house and you just might be allowed to watch the game.

Financial Soccer
It's a quiz, sim, action and shootout game all rolled into one.

Finger Footy
Knock down the approaching gladiators and the occasional soda cart.

Flash Football (2 Players)
As far as I can tell, this game requires two players.

Flash Soccer
Challenging headers game.

Flash Soccer
An old-school soccer game.

Flashgol World Cup 2006
Take free kicks from various positions.

Flicking Soccer
It takes a flicking and keeps on kicking!

Foosball DX
Play for your country!

Foosball Gold
It's you versus the computer on a very fast table. First to three takes it.

Foot 'n' Shoot
Run and gun to a goal!

Foot Pool
It's a mixture of football, pong and pool.

Football A'track
Navigate your way past the yellow cards and into the nets. Great looking ball.

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