Football Juggling
You control power of the kick!

Football Lob Master
Kick it over the keeper and under the bar or enlist the aid of a teammate.

Football Mania (Voetbal Manie)
Football mania with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Football Match
Link three or more to score!

Football Maze
Avoid obstacles as you make your way to the goal area.

Football Pinball 2012
Fabulous flippers for football fans.

Football Reporter
She's got the scoop on soccer style.

Football Resistance
Play against racism in this interesting take on Breakout. Pieces can move up or down.

Football Shootout
Use the conventional shots to win. Good luck with the crazy shots!

Football South Africa 2010
Italy versus Brazil in the final... Not this time, but still worth a play.

Football Star
A simulation that sparkles and shines!

Football Tennis - Gold Master
A combination of soccer and tennis.

Football Training
Destroy yellow cards as you make your way towards the goal.

Football Typing
A seasoned keyboard striker should be able to keep up.

Football Volley Challenge
An unseen teammate will volley the ball in from the left. Kick it in!

Football Word Search
Find words associated with football.

Footi Pong
A full tournament for seasoned paddlers.

Kick-ups without the hiccups.

Footy Food Fight
Attack the other team with burgers, pizza or chocolate cake.

A fast-twitch football simulation.

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