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Lone Defender
You're all that's standing between the keeper and oncoming balls. Avoid the opposition's mishaps.

Octopus Goalkeeper
Prepare to bear arms... All eight of them! It's time to sink or swim and this octopus pulls no punches!

Picture Penalty
Prove your worth as a soccer referee by pointing out infractions in post-game pictures.

Picture Penalty 2
More fast and furious finder fun! Spot the differences.

Slapshot Soccer
You've got 90 seconds to get as many goals as you can. Now with high scores!

Soccer Swapper
Swap jerseys at the end of the match? It's more fun to swap tiles!

Soccer Swapper 2
The brain teasing tile game is back for another match.

Zidane's Forehead Frenzy
You know what to do to Materazzi. Just don't get caught by the referee.

Zidane's Headbutt Interactive
Speed up, slow down or reverse Zizou's notorious headbutt.

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