Free Kick

2006 Peace Queen Cup Korea
Take free kicks on behalf of Korea at the first Peace Queen Cup for women's teams.

3G Free Kicks
Your team is counting on you to get the ball across the line. Best out of ten.

Ape King Free Kick
Don't monkey around! You're expected to score, but it won't be easy.

Best Free Kicker
You best play it to see if it lives up to its name.

CJ Free Kick
Engaging cut-scenes and characters that move about in anticipation.

Crazy Freekick
Blast it past the usual cast, but be fast because the bonus won't last!

Crossbar Challenge
Hit the ball off the crossbar as many times as possible!

FG Free Kick
Ten kicks from various positions.

FIFA 06 Mini Game
Head back to the pitch for some international free kick fun.

Fighting Free Kick
Cute but challenging. You'll have to work your way up to the higher levels.

Flashgol World Cup 2006
Take free kicks from various positions.

Football Lob Master
Kick it over the keeper and under the bar or enlist the aid of a teammate.

Free Kick
Own the angles with killer curves!

Free Kick Duel
Bend it like you belong here!

Free Kick Expert
The wall gets more and more populated... Get points faster by hitting the bonus target.

Free Kick Madness
Use the wind to your advantage as you take on an increasing number of defenders.

Free-Kick Fever
A fast-paced, fully-rendered freekick simulation.

Freekick Challenge
Lots of silly antics between kicks.

Freekick Fusion
Prepare for some close shaves while trying to score.

Freekick Mania
The English character with the "B" on his chest looks like Becks to me.

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