Free Kick

Frogs Football (Jabba Ball)
You score when the keeper eats the ball!

Goal 2 - Living the Dream
Score your way to the big leagues and live the dream.

Goal Shoot
Don't let the keeper get away with another clean sheet.

Knock the silhouettes down for extra points.

Little Zizou Sock-Err
A little madness. A lot of fun.

Netherlands Free Kick
Do your best against the German defenders.

New Star Soccer
Put aside your doubts, impress the scouts, and live the dream.

Obstruction! Euro Cup 2008
Euro 2008 not turn out as you had hoped? Well, here's your chance at a different outcome.

Office Olympics Free Kick
Office workers band together to keep you from scoring.

PB Freekick
Pick your favourite league and team.

Penalty Kick
Penalties and free kicks from various angles.

Roby Baggio Magical Kicks
Engaging free kick simulation.

Santa's Footy Challenge
Here comes Santa Claus!

Soccer Ball
A series of successful free kicks should see you to the tournament trophy.

Freekicks with coins and collisions.

Street Soccer Champ
Take your shot at becoming top scorer!

Subbuteo Flick About Challenge
Free kicks with flick physics.

Switching Goals (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen)
Your shot determines which video you see.

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