Keep Them Uppy
Get your revenge on rival team supporters by juggling them about like soccer balls.

Keep Ups King
Flux-filled freestyle from Club Galactik.

Keepy Up Cup
You can be a keepy-up champion!

Korean Juggle
The orange guy follows your hits and makes some odd noises.

A game worthy of the name. Definitely, not a walk in the park.

Motodefi 2
Player customization and ball juggling based on proper body alignment.

Penguin Header
Penguins love football and candy.

Punt It Like Payne!
Bend it like Beckham? Punt it like Payne!

Scooby-Doo! Kickin' It
Rooby's ruper rocker! Juggling fun with a surprise or two.

Soccer Boy
Help Soccer Boy juggle the soccer balls into the bin.

Soccer Folks
Step right up folks!

Soccer Style 2010
Styling and profiling on the pitch.

Super Headers
Keep multiple balls in the air until you can head them into the net.

Super Mario Strikers
It's Super Mario with an attitude! Keep the ball up and try for some targets.

Super Soccerball
Keep the ball up and interact with background elements.

World Class Keep Ups
Travel to South Africa and take on the world with your soccer juggling skills.

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