High Score

010 World Cup Prep.
Prepare yourself for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

Ball Boy
Flying vuvuzelas... Ouch! Watch your head.

Ball Champion
It shouldn't be too hard to rack up a good score in this one. The ball has a nice weight to it.

Ball Champion 2 - Road to South Africa 2010
Master the Jabulani and they will call you champion.

Ball Practice
Prove your football skills in one of seven famous stadiums.

Beckham Can Still Play
Even on crutches Becks can still pull it off!

Crazy Balls
The goal is to get the ball into the hole. Collect stars for extra points!

FIFA World Cup Match It
A mahjong tile matching game.

Football Gate 7
Football in the park.

Football Match
Link three or more to score!

Go! Football
Kick it up for a cup!

Jersey Maniac
Test your knowledge of team kits.

Keepy Up Cup
You can be a keepy-up champion!

Kick and Shoot Football
Clear the ball with a good kick.

Kick the Ref
The ref takes a turn in goal... Oops!

Kick Ups
Pass each challenge to move on or play for a high score.

A game worthy of the name. Definitely, not a walk in the park.

Quick, someone give Bullwinkle the ball!

New Star Soccer Trials
Impress the coach by completing the training challenges.

Off the Head
On the 'ead, son! Beat the computer as fast as you can.

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