Beckham Golden Balls
Beck's and his tummy. I promise you'll be singing the theme song for days.

Crystal Ball Paul
For those who can't get enough of Paul's predictions.

England Supporter
Spin this fellow round and round.

Euro Championship 2012 Football Manager
You're the national team's coach. Bring home the victory!

Football Fanboy - 2010 World Cup South Africa
Eric is quite the soccer fan. Colour me surprised!

Football Fangirl - 2010 World Cup South Africa
We are the champions my friend... Top notch colouring!

Help Beckham Get Fit
You're Beckham's trainer in this one. Make hime work.

Kick It!
Kick some butt! But what?

Mani the Parrot
True love? True friend? Find out with the help of our favourite prognosticating parakeet.

Maya and Miguel Soccer
Pass the mic for some soccer history and then play the volley game. You'll get a kick out of it!

My Soccer Kid
Build your own Soccer Kid avatar.

Octopus Paul
Ask football's favourite fortune-teller a question.

Paul Octopus - The Love Predictor
The psychic soccer cephalopod will help you find true love.

Paul the Octopus
Paul can pick a World Cup winner, but can he read your mind?

Smash Vuvuzelas
Take out your frustrations on those pesky vuvuzelas.

Soccer Referee
Red card? Green card? It's up to you! Mix and match colours.

South Africa 2010
Use your painter's eye to bring life to the scene.

Vuvuzela Button
The official sound of 2010 World Cup South Africa at the push of a button.

Wayne Rooney's Hair
Hair follicles for a famous footballer.

We Are the Ball (Wir Sind Ball)
A showcase of soccer songs with a simple but funny animation.

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