Keepy Uppy

Ball Champion
It shouldn't be too hard to rack up a good score in this one. The ball has a nice weight to it.

Ball Champion 2 - Road to South Africa 2010
Master the Jabulani and they will call you champion.

Ball Practice
Prove your football skills in one of seven famous stadiums.

Ball Smacker
Two soccer balls... Twice the fun. Demonstrate your juggling prowess on the pitch!

Boing Boing Santa
Jolly old Saint Nick ho-ho-hopes you can keep him from hitting the ground.

Try to keep the ball in the air, if you dare!

Champion Soccer 2006
Keep the ball in the air and hit the coins for extra points.

Christmas Champion
Footy the snowman was a jolly happy soul...

Crazy Keepups
This game is aptly named. Lots of crazy juggling modes to keep you interested.

Disembodied Leg
Use your leg to keep the ball in the air. Well, that's the intention...

Election Keepy Up
Keep your candidate up and out of harm's way.

Football Aid
Juggle to your heart's content, but bring bandages. Remain idle to watch the demo.

Football Juggling
You control power of the kick!

Kick-ups without the hiccups.

Freestyle Soccer
Around the world in 80 plays... Circle the ball with your boot for points, while keeping it up.

Freestyle Soccer
Bump the ball with your boot!

German Soccer Tricks
Up, up and around!

Go! Football
Kick it up for a cup!

Go! Football HD
Unlock all four of the special super balls!

Halloween Champion
Juggle the jack o'lantern!

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