Movie Promo

Garfield 2
Yes, it's a game of cat and mouse. Help Garfield kick it around the globe.

Garfield Kickin' It
Garfield uses his head in this one.

Goal 2 - Living the Dream
Score your way to the big leagues and live the dream.

Kicking and Screaming Penalty Shot
As you would expect, some funny lines from Will Ferrell.

Little Zizou Sock-Err
A little madness. A lot of fun.

Salir Pitando
30 seconds can seem like an eternity or like 1 second 30 times. Heh, it's a shootout.

Salir Pitando Stadium Rush
The match won't start without the referee. Find your cleats, whistle, ball, etc. (Read instructions.)

Season in the Sun
Spot the differences and more!

She's the Man Shootout Game
Two words... Ninja Goalie! Play as Viola or Duke and put that Justin in his place.

Switching Goals (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen)
Your shot determines which video you see.

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