2010 World Cup Escape
There's no electricity... How are you going to watch the match? Don't panic!

Ball Must Not Fall
Break the blocks before the ball bounces.

Cat Food
Prance about the pitch or figure out how to get some fish?

Challenge of the Soccer Players
Get the members of each team to switch sides.

Clod 2 Sod
Cover the grass with class!

Do Mano a Mano
Tchico and the man are back with a shell game of sorts. Now you see it. Now you don't!

Fantasy Footbal
Find the differences.

FIFA 10 - Slider Puzzle
Sliding tackles or sliding tiles? You'll know soon enough.

FIFA Cup Hidden Footballs
Find the hidden footballs!

FIFA Matching Match It!
Match the icons and clear the board.

FIFA World Cup Match It
A mahjong tile matching game.

Football Connect
Match all pairs before the clock counts down to zero. Get connected!

Football Connections
Line up three or more footballs (or heads) for a chain reaction.

Football Match
Link three or more to score!

Football Word Search
Find words associated with football.

Fundif Football
What's wrong with this picture? Find the differences in this 10 MB game.

Link up similarly colored soccer balls to make them disappear.

Hidden Football
Steal from the pitch and give to your score like a modern day Robin Hood.

Le Vestiaire de Tchico
Help Tchico find his kit. Finally, a memory game worth playing.

Line Bounder
Make your way to the goal area by outsmarting the computer.

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