11 Meter
Penalty game with alternating tries at stopping and shooting.

9M Soccer
Take home all three trophies by beating this uncanny keeper.

African Nations Cup Penalty Shootout
Go up against skilled keepers with nerves of steel.

Ajax Jonge Schare
Set up your shot before the timer runs out. Nice effect.

Android Soccer
Make your way through the ranks for the ultimate showdown!

Argentina Shootout
Show your support for Argentina over Brazil. Make Maradona proud.

Beat the Keeper
I call this one "Beaten by the Keeper" because I've never bested him.

Ben 10 Penalty
It started when an alien device did what it did... Play as Ben or Gwen.

Ben 10 Super Penalty 2
With more time to score goals!

BenQ Ball
Take turns saving and scoring against the computer.

Brazil Shootout
Show your support for Brazil over Argentina. Pele is watching over you.

Chelsea Penalty Shootout
Prepare your players for real-time competition.

Chicken Kicken
Don't be a chicken! Play it!

City Soccer Shootout
These girls have traded in their crocs for cleats. Play this one "just for kicks."

Coco's Penalty Shoot-Out
Behind the hippo's care-free and innocent smile lies a fierce competitor and determined keeper.

Coconut Joe's Soccer Shootout
Can you get the coconut past the monkey?

Copa America Argentina 2011
Win your way to the top via penalties.

Emirates FIFA World Cup Shoot-Out 06
Slick shootout with smoking ball and dramatic depth of field transitions.

Euro 2000 Penalty Shootout
Take penalties against Tele.

FG Multiplayer Elfmeter
Live penalty match-ups aplenty. Nothing to do with elves...

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