Financial Soccer
It's a quiz, sim, action and shootout game all rolled into one.

Football Shootout
Use the conventional shots to win. Good luck with the crazy shots!

Futebol Penalti
In "Football Penalty" you aim for the hotspots with enough power to beat the keeper.

Girls FC
A penalty shootout inspired by the books.

Goal Keeper
Sam wants to be a great keeper but he needs your help.

Goal Shooting Master
Join Mike, Nancy and Bob at the Kung Fu Football Championship.

The dangers of goalkeeping... Doh!

Golden Goal
Penalty game with a different approach to shot-taking.

Kick Off
Give these gliding goal posts a go.

Legends Penalty Shootout
Choose your legendary striker and goalkeeper match-ups as you progress from round to round.

Monsters of the Ball
It was a one-eyed flying purple penalty keeper...

Penalty 10
Best of 10 for the win!

Penalty Chicken
Put all of your eggs in one net... If you can get them past the keeper.

Penalty Go Go
Use your player substitutions to explore all of the super kicks.

Penalty Kick
Vintage quarter muncher brought to the small screen.

Penalty Kick
Give as good as you get, whether standing behind the ball or before the net.

Penalty Kick
Penalties and free kicks from various angles.

Penalty Shootout
Crossbar hits, scoring streaks and more.

Penalty Shootout
Best out of five against an acrobatic keeper.

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