Table Soccer

Crazy Ball
Use your paddle to hit the ball past defenders.

Elastic Soccer
Precision table play with smooth goal-keeper control.

Euro 2004
Foosball style gameplay... Flaming ball appears after multiple touches.

Flicking Soccer
It takes a flicking and keeps on kicking!

Foosball DX
Play for your country!

Foosball Gold
It's you versus the computer on a very fast table. First to three takes it.

Foot Pool
It's a mixture of football, pong and pool.

Football Pinball 2012
Fabulous flippers for football fans.

Gilette Table Football Game
A foosball simulation where you control the kicks and spins.

Mini Ball
First installment of the Mini Ball franchise. Good foosball.

Mini ball (Cave Men)
Gimme da rock! More foosball play.

Mini Ball 2
Newer, sleeker Mini Ball. More foosball action with the addition of power kicks.

Mlatachi Versus Shusteri
Here's a two player game of foosball for you to enjoy with a friend.

Quick, someone give Bullwinkle the ball!

Nadler Salad Kicker
Multiple rounds based on foosball. Who said that you shouldn't play with your food?

Pinball Football
Bumpers, flippers, kickers and more! Goal!

Premiere League Foosball
Furious foosball action with the option to chose formations.

Real Foosball
Prepare yourself for the push and pull of Premier League play.

Slapshot Soccer
You've got 90 seconds to get as many goals as you can. Now with high scores!

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