World Cup

010 World Cup Prep.
Prepare yourself for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

2002 Dribble World Cup
Watch the STOMP parody intro... It's good for a laugh before you get into the juggling.

2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan
Deja vu? Help Brazil take the cup again or go at it with another team.

2010 World Cup Escape
There's no electricity... How are you going to watch the match? Don't panic!

Ball Champion 2 - Road to South Africa 2010
Master the Jabulani and they will call you champion.

Crystal Ball Paul
For those who can't get enough of Paul's predictions.

DTZ World Cup Keepy Ups
Take the red pill and pull off some Matrix moves.

Emirates FIFA World Cup Shoot-Out 06
Slick shootout with smoking ball and dramatic depth of field transitions.

FIFA World Cup Match It
A mahjong tile matching game.

Football Fanboy - 2010 World Cup South Africa
Eric is quite the soccer fan. Colour me surprised!

Football Fangirl - 2010 World Cup South Africa
We are the champions my friend... Top notch colouring!

Football South Africa 2010
Italy versus Brazil in the final... Not this time, but still worth a play.

Football Word Search
Find words associated with football.

Free Fight World Cup
It's soccer with the added excitement of a walk-and-punch game. Lots of fun!

Go Go Go Vuvuzela
Your team is losing the World Cup. Vuvuzela to the rescue!

Goooaaal World Cup 2010
Are you a football star? Find out!

Keep It Up in South Africa
Show the world what you can do with your shoe.

Midfield Master
Don't be selfish. Pass the ball!

Octopus Paul
Ask football's favourite fortune-teller a question.

Paul Octopus - The Love Predictor
The psychic soccer cephalopod will help you find true love.

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