World Cup

Paul the Octopus
Paul can pick a World Cup winner, but can he read your mind?

Paul the Octopus
Can you pick them like Paul? Find out!

Paul the Octopus
How long can Paul survive against submarine strikes and an onslaught of orcas?

Physics Cup
Face all thirty-two World Cup teams in a game of physics.

Puzzle Soccer World Cup
Classic arcade fun with a bobble that won't burst your bubble!

Soccer 2010 Memory
Match the jerseys as quickly as you can.

Soccer Challenge - World Cup Edition 2010
Test your World Cup knowlege!

Soccer FIFA 2010 World Cup
Let a penalty shootout decide the winner!

Soccer Kissing
Power your player's penalties with passionate pecks.

Soccer World Cup 2010
A nice simulation to get you in the mood for South Africa 2010.

South Africa 2010 - Netherlands vs Spain
It's down to penalties. Who will walk away with the cup?

Stop that Vuvuzela
Vent your rage on the vuvuzelas!

Stop the Vuvuzelas
Vivi is vexed by the vuvuzelas.

The Vuvuzela Game
Head's will roll!

The World Cup 2010
Thirty-two teams... One dream.

The World Cup Quiz
Let's see what you know about the world's most popular sporting event.

Vuvuzela Button
The official sound of 2010 World Cup South Africa at the push of a button.

Vuvuzela Shootout
Give your team the advantage with the aid of your vuvuzela.

World Class Keep Ups
Travel to South Africa and take on the world with your soccer juggling skills.

World Cup 2010
A World Cup victory would make your country proud!

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